Nadya & Nev – Bells at Killcare Wedding, Central Coast NSW


Nadya and Nev celebrated their beautiful wedding day at one of our favourite spots here on the Central Coast, NSW so we were delighted to be shooting back at Bells at Killcare, Central Coast NSW. With the entire day held at Bells at Killcare, Central Coast NSW from the bride and groom’s preparation, ceremony, bridal party shoot to the reception which made for a very relaxed and fun shoot without the rush of moving around. Nadya and Nev exchanged vows in front of their closest loved ones in the garden at Bells at Killcare, Central Coast and we did not have to venture far for some fun and romantic photos of the newly weds. Guests were able to enjoy the stunning grounds of Bells at Killcare, Central Coast NSW for the entire afternoon and evening and so were we! Surrounded by lush colourful floral arrangements in the reception room at Bells and Killcare, Central Coast NSW, family and friends ate, drank and danced the night away. Thank you Nev and Nadya for letting us capture these moments of such a beautiful day at Bells at Killcare Central Coast NSW.

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Hannah & Clay – Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW Wedding


Hannah and Clay held their beautiful wedding at Pearl Beach, Central Coast NSW. Having done an engagement shoot for Hannah and Clay on the Central Coast NSW in April 2016, it was exciting  that their wedding day finally arrived! We started with the boys who seemed pretty relaxed and were just enjoying the morning and the views from a sweet spot in Horsfield Bay, Central Coast NSW before heading over to see the girls in Killcare, Central Coast NSW. It wasn’t long before ceremony time so we all headed down the Pearl Beach, Central Coast NSW where these two exchanged vows. We didn’t have to venture far for the bridal party shoot as Pearl Beach, NSW is just such a gorgeous spot here on the Central Coast NSW and this shoot was made extra special as Hannah and Clay had a little bun in the oven! Congrats again Hannah and Clay on the wedding and looking forward to seeing pics of bub around April??

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Kaycee & Jay – Engagement shoot Bouddi National Park Central Coast NSW


We spent a lovely warm afternoon with Kaycee and Jay at one of our most favourite places up here on the Central Coast NSW, Boudii National Park. No matter how many times we shoot here, we just love it! We started at Putty Beach, Central Coast NSW and walked our way to the spectacular views that the Central Coast, NSW has to offer. It was such a delight shooting this fun-loving and relaxed couple, all we needed were a couple of beers and it would have felt like mates just hanging out. The golden warm light, with two fun personalities and the gorgeous views of Bouddi National Park Central Coast NSW was the perfect mix. Can not wait to shoot this Central Coast NSW couple’s wedding in the Hunter in October. Counting down!   CentralCoastWedding CentralCoastWedding2CentralCoastWedding3 CentralCoastWedding4 CentralCoastWedding5 CentralCoastWedding6 CentralCoastWedding7 CentralCoastWedding8 CentralCoastWedding9 CentralCoastWedding10 CentralCoastWedding11 CentralCoastWedding12 CentralCoastWedding13 CentralCoastWedding14 CentralCoastWedding15 CentralCoastWedding16

Holly & Tim – Central Coast Wedding


Holly & Tim’s gorgeous Central Coast Wedding was held at Camp Breakaway at San Remo, Central Coast NSW. It was our first time shooting here and although we were familiar with Camp Breakaway we were unaware that weddings were held at this location that boasts 11 hectares of Australian native bush land. After a lovely outdoor ceremony at Camp Breakaway Central Coast joined with family and friends, Holly & Tim, along with their entourage, headed over to Norah Heads Lighthouse Central Coast for a fun photo shoot. After a bit of fun in the sunshine on this gorgeous Central Coast coastline, we headed back to Camp Breakaway Central Coast to celebrate the night away with Holly and Tim’s guests before their friends and family sent the newly weds off with sparklers and their best wishes as husband and wife. Thank you Holly and Tim for having us for your special day at Camp Breakaway Central Coast.

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Yolande & David’s Engagement party – The Grounds of Alexandria


Yolande and David celebrated their engagement at The Grounds of Alexandria with friends and family. Before their guests arrived, we took the opportunity to shoot this stunning couple in and around The Grounds of Alexandria among this lush city garden venue. As guests started to arrive we enjoyed this relaxing yet sophisticated party and later managed the whisk the couple away for some more romantic night shots at the Grounds of Alexandria. We can’t wait to shoot this couple’s wedding on the Central Coast, NSW next year in April.

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Long Reef Golf Club Wedding of Katherine & Jackson


Katherine & Jackson celebrated their beautiful wedding day at the Long Reef Golf Club in Long Reef, NSW. The day started a little differently compared to most weddings we shoot with Katherine & Jackson having a “first look” joined by their closest friends and family at Long Reef Golf Club before their ceremony at the Long Reef Golf Club. After a few photos with the gorgeous scenery at the Long Reef Golf Club, Katherine & Jackson exchanged vows in front of their loved ones before heading off for some more photos before the storm rolled in and celebrating the afternoon away with guests in the function room at the Long Reef Golf Club.

Thank you for having us Katherine & Jackson and congratulations again Mr and Mrs!

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Central Coast Wedding Photography Natalie & Nathan – Sydney Wedding


Beautiful couple Natalie and Nathan celebrated their Winter wedding day in the best city in the world, Sydney.
With a spiritual ceremony held at St Patrick’s in Concord, family and friends joined Natalie and Nathan as they became husband and wife.
We then headed down the the waters edge in Balmain where the iconic Harbour Bridge made for a stunning back drop.
To top this perfect day off, Natalie and Nathan celebrated the night away with shots, amazing food, great company and dancing at the beautiful candle lit Le Montage in Lilyfield.
Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Skinner!


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Linton Gardens Somersby

It was our first time shooting at Linton Gardens in Somersby, Central Coast and what a treat it was. Set among gorgeous colourful gardens, their sunlit ceremony was intimate and romantic followed by golden light during their bridal shoot. Having the whole day in just one location really set the atmosphere for a relaxing and fun afternoon with some surprise fireworks to cap off the evening!


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The Sebel Kirkton Park hunter Valley Wedding of Carly and Matt

The Sebel Kirkton Park hunter Valley_001

We first met Carly and Matt in 2011 when we shot Carly’s best friend’s wedding when we were still living in Cairns. We were so excited that we were able to cross paths with these beautiful people again now that we are located down on the Central Coast, NSW. Carly and Matt held their gorgeous nuptials at The Sebel Kirton Park Hunter Valley.

Carly looked stunning in her elegant Winter dress and though Carly and Matt married in the middle of Winter, The Sebel Kirkton Park Hunter Valley shone with its magnificent backdrop and beautiful sunlight. With both Carly and Matt’s brothers by their side, the couple exchanged vows in front of their dearest and there was not a dry eye in the house as these two beautiful souls became husband and wife at The Sebel Kirkton Park Hunter Valley.

The Sebel Kirkton Park Hunter Valley is truly an amazing location and we certainly hope we have the opportunity to shoot there again. Thank you again Carly and Matt for having us their to capture all the fun!

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