The Stables of Somersby – Wedding of Kim and Steve

stables of somersby1


First blog for 2019! We have been busting to blog Kim and Steve’s The Stables of Somersby wedding. Our first time shooting here at The Stables of Somersby and omg, what a venue!!
We started off our day at a homely Terrigal Air Bnb sipping scotch whisky and suiting up in bow ties and suspenders shortly before heading over to catch up with the girls at the The Stables of Somersby. The girls were busy getting ready at The Stables of Somersby in the very rustlcly sheik barn accommodation conveniently located upstairs to where the entire day’s celebrations were to be held. After a few champagnes and tears from mum and dad (and the girls) we were ready to head down stairs at The Stables of Somersby to where Steve and the guests eagerly await.
A beautiful ceremony led by Steve and Kim’s good friend at The Stables of Somersby was enjoyed by family and close friends before they head off for canapés, and the bridal party set off by foot for some photos at The Stables of Somersby.
As the afternoon came to an end and the rain, that held off all day, arrived it was time to head inside to start the party at The Stables of Somersby! A night of dancing, over flowing mismatched glasses and Mexican food truck food was enjoyed well into the night. Lots of sore heads to be expected the morning after… but definitely worth it!

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Kangy Gardens Wedding – Hannah & Sam

kangy angy wedding1

We were very excited to be shooting at Kangy Gardens, Central Coast for Hannah and Sam’s wedding as it was our first time shooting at this stunning location. Perfectly set up for a wedding, Kangy Gardens offers lush gardens, rustic styling, an undercover ceremony venue, gorgeous reception marquee and so many little hidden gems for guests and the bridal party to enjoy champagne and to take beautiful photography as well, of course! We usually start our day with the boys, however we started with the girls first at Kangy Gardens, Central Coast NSW getting ready for the celebrations that await before heading over to Kangy Gardens, Central Coast NSW to catch up with the boys shortly before the ceremony was to commence at Kangy Gardens, Central Coast NSW. A lovely ceremony surrounded by close friends and family was enjoyed by all before guests enjoyed canapés and champagne in the gardens whilst we head off for some bridal party photos. Such a gorgeous location meant we did not have to venture offsite for the shoot and spent the sunny afternoon at Kangy Gardens, before kicking off the party in the beautiful wedding marquee. Guests partied the night away to the live band and were also treated to a song by the bride herself!

kangy angy wedding1 kangy angy wedding12 kangy angy wedding13 kangy angy wedding14 kangy angy wedding15 kangy angy wedding16 kangy angy wedding17 kangy angy wedding18 kangy angy wedding19 kangy angy wedding110 kangy angy wedding111 kangy angy wedding112 kangy angy wedding113 kangy angy wedding114 kangy angy wedding115 kangy angy wedding117 kangy angy wedding116 kangy angy wedding118 kangy angy wedding119 kangy angy wedding20

Central Coast Wedding – Reshoot of Penny and Adam


Penny and Adam got married back in June at Port Stephens however it was raining torrentially and unfortunately we didn’t manage to go outside to get any bridal party photos. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful occasion shared between close family and friends. Luckily, Penny and Adam are local Central Coast NSW peeps and don’t live to far from us so we decided to give them a little reshoot on the gorgeous Central Coast NSW. This shoot was close to be postponed as well as it was a suuuuuper windy day and there was a sand storm on the Central Coast NSW that day however we decided to go ahead as it was still an amazing cloudless afternoon on the Central Coast, NSW and used the wind to our advantage with that gorgeous flowy dress and wind swept hair!


Central Coast NSW – Wedding of Leah & Dan


We first met Leah and Dan when Leah was a bridesmaid at her best friend, Sophie’s, wedding. So we were stoked to be shooting this crew again and right in our own neck of the woods on the Central Coast NSW. We spent the day at Central Coast and pretty much stayed there the whole day apart from a quick little detour up the hill at Boudii National Park with the newly weds after the ceremony. It was a very casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere with their closest family and friends by their side. Thanks again for having us guys, hopefully see you at another wedding if we don’t bump into you at the local coffee shop!

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Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW – Wedding of Sasha & Jeremy

avoca beach wedding

Sydney couple, Ashley and Jeremy, celebrated their wedding day under the pines of local favourite, Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW.

We started the day with the boys at a gorgeous property with ocean views of Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW in Terrigal where Jeremy and the boys were being typical blokes enjoying a drink and a laugh in the warm Autumn sunshine whilst getting ready for the wedding ahead at Avoca Beach, Central Coast NSW.

Shortly following we headed over to the girls. Although Sasha and Jeremy reside in Sydney, Sasha grew up in Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW and it was just so lovely shooting their family home where Sasha and the girls along with her family were getting ready.

The time came to head over to the pines of Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW where Sasha and Jeremy exchanged vows with their dearest before taking some photos of the newly weds and their entourage around Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW. Being a fairly late afternoon ceremony it wasn’t long before the sunshine faded behind the mountains and it was time to party at the Avoca Beach Central Coast NSW Surf Life Saving Club. Decked out in gorgeous flowers and light arrangements, this SLSC converted to a gorgeously styled reception venue where guests and the newly weds enjoyed a night of dancing, entertaining speeches and good company.

avoca beach wedding avoca beach wedding2 avoca beach wedding3 avoca beach wedding4 avoca beach wedding5 avoca beach wedding6 avoca beach wedding7 avoca beach wedding8 avoca beach wedding9 avoca beach wedding10 avoca beach wedding11 avoca beach wedding12 avoca beach wedding13 avoca beach wedding14 avoca beach wedding15 avoca beach wedding16 avoca beach wedding17 avoca beach wedding18 avoca beach wedding19

Linton Gardens Somersby, Central Coast NSW – Olivia & Jaryd’s Wedding

linton gardens wedding

It was our absolute pleasure to be apart of highschool sweethearts, Olivia and Jaryd’s, wedding at Linton Gardens, Somersby Central Coast where they celebrated their special day on a beautiful Autumn day. We started our day with Olivia and the girls not too far from Linton Gardens Somersby Central Coast before heading off to meet the boys at the ceremony venue at Linton Gardens Somersby Central Coast where it wasn’t long before these two tied the knot in front of their loved ones in a gorgeous garden ceremony.

Luckily for us, Linton Gardens Somersby Central Coast offers such beautiful lush green scenery so we took our time on the property taking photos and enjoying the sunshine. As the sun came down it was time for us to head back to the reception where the newly weds celebrated and danced the evening away with their family and friends at Linton Gardens Somersby Central Coast.

linton gardens wedding linton gardens wedding2 linton gardens wedding3 linton gardens wedding4 linton gardens wedding5 linton gardens wedding6 linton gardens wedding7 linton gardens wedding8 linton gardens wedding9 linton gardens wedding10 linton gardens wedding11 linton gardens wedding12 linton gardens wedding13 linton gardens wedding14 linton gardens wedding15

Putty Beach Central Coast – Charms & Mark Maternity Shoot

putty beach central coast

It was an honour and pleasure to shoot fellow photographer and friend, Charms and her husband, Mark recently at Bouddi National Park Central Coast NSW. Glowing and expecting their first child very very soon it was so much fun catching up with this couple who we haven’t seen in ages and it was with such enjoyment that we got to catch up before their world is turned upside down, in a good way of course! We started our shoot at one of our favourite beaches on the Central Coast NSW, Putty Beach, before talking a walk up to breath taking views in Bouddi National Park Central Coast NSW and then making our way back down to Putty Beach, Central Coast, NSW and making the most of the gorgeous afternoon with a few water shots. Thanks again Charms and Mark and all the best with the birth and we can not wait to see some photos of your little mini soon!

putty beach central coast putty beach central coast2 putty beach central coast3 putty beach central coast4 putty beach central coast5 putty beach central coast6 putty beach central coast7 putty beach central coast8 putty beach central coast9 putty beach central coast10 putty beach central coast12 putty beach central coast13

Pearl Beach Central Coast Wedding – Yolande & David

pearl beach wedding

We can not believe how fast time has gone. It doesn’t feel like very long ago since we blogged and shot Yolande and David’s engagement party at The Grounds Alexandria last October. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at Yolande and David’s relaxed, yet beautiful Pearl Beach, Central Coast NSW wedding.

We started the day at an amazing beach side holiday house with Pearl Beach, Central Coast NSW as our back drop. Yolande and her family were just enjoying their morning in this beautiful house at Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW, getting ready and spending time with each other.

Soon enough the boys arrived and soon after the ceremony commenced. Over looking the stunning Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW Yolande and David exchanged vows on the lawn on this amazing beach house where guests and the newly weds enjoyed some champagne and lawn games for most of the afternoon at Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW. We managed to quickly whisk away the bride and groom for some Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW photos at sunset before all the guests made their way by bare foot across Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW to the reception held at the very quant and gorgeously styled Pearl Beach Central Coast NSW café.

pearl beach wedding pearl beach wedding2 pearl beach wedding3 pearl beach wedding4 pearl beach wedding5 pearl beach wedding6 pearl beach wedding7 pearl beach wedding8 pearl beach wedding9 pearl beach wedding10 pearl beach wedding11 pearl beach wedding12 pearl beach wedding13 pearl beach wedding14

Kantara House, Central Coast NSW – Wedding of Lauren & Luke

kantara house central coast23

We first met Lauren and Luke when Lauren was the Maid of Honour at her sister’s Central Coast, NSW wedding back in 2016. It is always such an honour and privilege for us to be invited back into being apart of such meaningful family events such as Lauren and Luke’s essay writers wedding at the Kantara House, Central Coast NSW. So thank you so much again for having us guys!

It was our first time shooting at Kantara House, Central Coast so we were quite excited as it’s literally just down the road from where we live! Driving past this gorgeous location on the daily we saw the beautiful Charlotte Chapel at Kantara House, Central Coast essay writers gradually come to light so shooting there was such a delight and made even more fun with shooting this lovely couple.

We started the day off with the boys at Luke’s family home on the Central Coast, NSW before heading over the girls at their quaint accommodation at Kantara House, Central Coast NSW. And there was no need to venture off the beautiful grounds of Kantara House, Central Coast NSW from here on in, as Kantara House, Central Coast provided it all – the gorgeous Charlotte Chapel, endless hidden location gems to shoot in and around and a lovely reception to top it all off! Perfect location, beautiful couple, fun crowd and good vibes equals very happy photographer!

kantara house central coast kantara house central coast2 kantara house central coast3 kantara house central coast4 kantara house central coast5 kantara house central coast6 kantara house central coast7 kantara house central coast8 kantara house central coast9 kantara house central coast10 kantara house central coast11 kantara house central coast12 kantara house central coast13 kantara house central coast14 kantara house central coast15 kantara house central coast16 kantara house central coast17 kantara house central coast18 kantara house central coast19 kantara house central coast20 kantara house central coast21 kantara house central coast22 kantara house central coast23


Bells at Killcare wedding of Kaitlin & Adrian

bells at killcare wedding

Bells at Killcare is one of the best wedding ceremony venues to photograph. With good company, Bells at Killcare pretty much is the perfect location, a photographers dream. Luckily for us Kaitlin and Adrian along with their family and friends were the perfect fit, celebrating their beautiful wedding day by the grass area at Bells at Killcare. Kaitlin being ‘fairly’ local to the area, the day started off with prep photos at Hardys bay before their private ceremony at Bells at Killcare amongst the greenery that surrounds.  We took a few photos around the grounds and headed towards the Jetty at Hardys bay before partying the night away at Bells at Killcare where they had their reception. Here are a few photos from their wedding day here on the central coast.

bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding bells at killcare wedding22 bells at killcare wedding23