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Weddings days are for men too! Yes they are…

Don’t be fooled guys, deep down we know we all have a soft spot for getting married and planning that ‘dream’ wedding! Sure, on your wedding day most of us don’t like the attention, but it’s a great time to really embrace something truly unique in life. A moment when you get to see the love of your life in a stunning wedding dress and claiming to the world that she is yours FOREVER. That might be daunting for some, but for most of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So here’s a few wedding day and wedding photography tips for you dudes out there. Who most of you will become ‘shadows’ to your fiance as she plans away preparing for your wedding day. So to the 100% of women who are reading this, it’s now time to call your man sitting there on the couch or getting lost in the shed to come in and start reading.

So for the boys…   

No matter what, try to agree more to what your fiance has to say from the beginning of the wedding planning right up till the end.

See most groom-to-be attend meetings with florists and wedding photographers and smile as their fiances (who most of the time) have already made their decision prior to meeting with vendors. The important part for you blokes is to agree and smile and occasionally pay up! This does not mean, a week out of your wedding day, you turn around and say “hunnybunny I don’t think that was a good decision booking and paying for X, Y, Z” – this could be the beginning of the end for you. So tip one – agree, smile and support from beginning RIGHT UP till the end of the wedding planning.

For goodness sake, shave or spruce up prior to your wedding day.

Think about it, your fiancé a year prior to your big day joined yoga classes, went on a strict gluten free and organic diet, attends the gym religiously and has all the intention to look absolutely stunning in her dress. I know some of you dudes might think, nah not for me. Trust me, best you also make an effort, at least shave! So tip two – try to look smashing, if not for your future wife, at least for yourself! Cause once those babies come around soon after your wedding day, you can say hello to the dad Bod – slightly plumply and hard to get rid of.

Ease up on the Booze on your wedding day.

Well we all know what happens when you get too carried away, it’s not a night out with the boys. It’s your wedding. Sort of like a night out with the boys but slightly toned down x 100. Tip three – try to drink water (at least one glass) on your wedding day too.

Don’t hold back.

Out of hundreds of weddings we’ve photographed throughout the years, we can say 60% of all you blokes cry. Hey, not hating on this one. We think it’s awesome, cause one – you will truly know a bit about yourself when you are humbled to be a room with close family and friends expressing a raw human and natural emotion that speaks volumes. And two – you get brownie points from your new wife (always a win) she’ll think your sweet and a sook by she’ll love it. Tip four, if you want to cry, then heck just cry – tears of joy only!

Be yourself.

On your wedding day, the attention is all yours. For most of us guys, this sucks! But luckily, if you prepare yourself and remind yourself that people are there for you and your other half, then that should be enough to loosen up. To truly create stunning wedding photographs, your character has to shine through. So hold your wife’s hand and take her into your arms. She will love you for it after once she sees your photos. Tip five – just chill!

Over the years we have been able to photograph hundreds of weddings, each to their own, unique in every way. The best weddings we’ve ever photographed involved a mix of great personalities in great locations. Not how bling the bombardiers were or the fact that the expensive hire car rocked up 10 minutes late. Weddings are only truly great because two people have reminded themselves and everyone else, that it is worth to celebrate one of life’s greatest gift, love!


Central Coast Wedding photography – Here at Coast we specialize in wedding photography throughout the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle regions of New South Wales. Contact us today: (02) 4339 38460


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Norah Head weddings – Chere and Tim’s engagement photos

norah heads wedding photogaphy_01

Norah Head is a special place for Chere and Tim. Apart from the stunning raw landscape among rocky shorelines and the iconic lighthouse, this was the spot where Tim got down on one knee and asked Chere to be his wife. It was only fitting that we photographed them at Norah Head where they could enjoy their time together while exploring the picturesque landscape.

norah heads wedding photogaphy_01 norah heads wedding photogaphy_02 norah heads wedding photogaphy_03 norah heads wedding photogaphy_04 norah heads wedding photogaphy_05 norah heads wedding photogaphy_06 norah heads wedding photogaphy_07 norah heads wedding photogaphy_08 norah heads wedding photogaphy_09 norah heads wedding photogaphy_10 norah heads wedding photogaphy_11 norah heads wedding photogaphy_12 norah heads wedding photogaphy_13 norah heads wedding photogaphy_14 norah heads wedding photogaphy_15 norah heads wedding photogaphy_16

Central Coast wedding photogrpahy – Wedding photography Avoca

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Here at Central Coast wedding photography we guarantee to capture natural and artistic images while still maintaining a fun and relaxed photo shoot.Making you feel at ease is on your wedding day is our top priority, we will capture you “in the moment” while we create classic, elegant and natural wedding photographs for you to cherish for years to come.

We thought we’d share this special wedding with you as we look back on the many hundreds if not thousands of weddings we have been a part of throughout the years. We now call central coast our home, photographing weddings throughout the Hunter Valley as well as Avoca beach Weddings, Warner bay weddings, Bells at Killcare weddings and weddings throughout the Central coast of NSW.  Every wedding is truly unique and you can say we’ve pretty much covered them all, whether it be 800 or 6 guests. On a coral Cay with helicopters, on top of a waterfall, an exclusive Island or super yacht, to city extravagant city ball rooms and self made arenas to house only the most elite guests. Whatever it may be, we feel it is truly a blessing to be a part of a special moment in a couples life celebrating love. Jess and Jaime’s wedding below took place in private property among valleys with only their closest friends and family by their side.

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Norah Heads Weddings – Central Coast wedding photography

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Central Coast Wedding Photography offers a wide range of wedding coverage options that have been carefully designed to suit a range of budgets for your wedding day. We cover weddings from Avoca Beach weddings, Norah Heads weddings, Bells at Killcare weddings, Warners Bay weddings and weddings in the Hunter Valley. Our pricing is based on the wedding coverage time you require on the day with the option of either a wedding coverage only package (images on USB) or a Magazine Style album package that includes images on USB. We also offer replica parent albums, print enlargements, engagement photos and thank you cards.

We have structured our prices around the amount of wedding coverage you would like on your wedding day. By allowing you to choose the elapsed time you require, our service can be tailored to your budget.

Rest assured we will have all bases covered. We guarantee that two wedding photographers will attend your wedding with any package booked 6 hours or more. Having two photographers at your wedding day ensures all angles are covered while moving through your wedding day in the most non-invasive way. We are are well presented to blend in with your guests on your wedding day.

We would love to hear your wedding plans and would like the opportunity to show you our sample albums and products over coffee at our home studio. Contact Coast to arrange a consultation at a time most convenient to you. We look forward photographing around the Central Coast, Warners Bay, Norah heads and throughout the Hunter Valley. Give us a call today.


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Central Coast Weddings – Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

Coast offers contemporary albums, individually designed to tell your complete wedding day story. Our design team layout your unique album using the latest photo technology, ensuring you receive only the best quality timeless keepsake. Coast albums are printed to the highest professional quality on archival paper, bringing out the vibrance and beauty of the pictures so that you can cherish these moments forever. Our magazine style albums are 14 x 10 inches and entirely made by hand. To add that extra polish and sophistication our elegant albums are presented in your choice of either an acrylic or leather bound cover. Come in and make an appointment to view a selection of our albums at our home Studio. For a complete example of our album layout please visit our website.

Beautiful Replica Albums
Share one of the greatest days of your life with those whom you cherish the most. Coast offers professional replica albums, a popular and special gift for the parents as well as close family and friends. Each 5×7 inch leather album features your favourite images displayed over 18 pages, hand crafted with care from our professional team.

Contact us today!

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Central Coast Weddings and Hunter Valley Weddings

terrigal wedding

Central Coast weddings and Hunter Valley weddings experience…

Coast wedding photography is committed to creating amazing images that are contemporary and casual; timeless wedding photographs that capture real moments throughout the Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions of NSW. We aim to create a fun and relaxed experience for you as we catch those special moments throughout your wedding day.

We believe the best way to take heartfelt and unique wedding images, is to combine our creative style with your personality. We appreciate that the day is yours to be shared with your family and friends so we have an unobtrusive approach creating relaxed, beautiful wedding photographs.

We love to find a great location and let you have time to just be yourselves; these are the moments we want to capture; real moments throughout your wedding day, showing your character, and telling your unique wedding day story.

We guarantee we will listen to what you would like and meet your expectations in the best way we know how. From the initial consultation at our home studio to the end product we are dedicated to meeting your expectations. Our state of the art equipment and editing capabilities ensure your wedding photos are of the highest professional printable quality.

Coast wedding photography specialises in wedding photography services throughout the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle regions of NSW. For more information about our wedding photography services and to be a part of your wedding in the Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Newcastle regions, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us direct here and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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Wedding Photography Central Coast hot tip!

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Quick photography tip before your wedding day – for all you soon to be brides!

Make sure you have fun on your wedding day! Yes this may sound weird, but know that everything will fall into place instead of worrying about the small details.

Although you have booked a wedding photographer to capture every moment, he/she will often be the person who will keep you well time managed during your wedding day. Most often times than not, your photographer will be with you most part of the day. As well as managing your time and taking great photos, your wedding photographer will also be the person who offers you a drink after your ceremony (keeping you well hydrated), the person who will at most times keep you smiling throughout the day and occasionally the person who advises the MC when to cue the music when you dance your way into reception.

Taking timeless photographs is just one aspect of a wedding photographers job, you must remember when you book your wedding photographer, what matters is how much you are comfortable with him/her, this will be the key to taking photographs that are naturally you – and yes, taking images of a happy bride is good for you and easy work for us!

We would love to know how we could be a part of your day, capturing real wedding moments while making you laugh (hysterically) THROUGHOUT your wedding day!


Coast wedding photography specialises in weddings throughout the Central Coast, The Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Sydney regions of NSW Australia.


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