Central Coast Family portrait and wedding photographer. When is the best time to take family photos?

Although it’s getting real cold and often windy outside (which of course is not the ideal weather to take family portraits) I thought I’d point out that in real fact, it’s the best time to be thinking about taking family portraits here on the Central Coast.  I’d like to point out a few things to why this may be so:


Overcast days

Contrary to the belief, a warm sunny day, particularly in midday is not the ideal light to take quality timeless portraits of you and your family. Not only will it be bright (forcing you to squint) it can get hella uncomfortable as you begin to heat up under the sun. An overcast day however will ‘soften’ the light that enters the atmosphere, and without getting to technical, the portrait result often equals to glowing soft skin and timeless photographs.  Overcast days might suck if you were expecting sun filled warmth to compliment your images, but don’t be fooled, we have captured some amazing photographs all thanks to an overcast sky.


Its cold, no one is around.

As a wedding and portrait photographer in the central coast, we often get asked to take photos at the beach or at the local park. Although there is nothing wrong with this, in the summer time it can be a pain in the backside. Often families like timeless images of their families in what appears to be an isolated setting, there is nothing timeless about bikini clad beach goers in their photos. In the summertime yes it’s pretty hard to avoid, but in the wintertime it is a different story. Running around at the park and beach is not that problematic.


Dress to impress

Taking family portraits during the winter also means everyone can dress up. There is no doubt that we love winter because of warm cuddles and an opportunity to be bold and proclaim our fashion sense to friends and family. In the summertime, dressing up is just not an option, as generally you want to dress down. Nothing timeless about singlets, stubbies and slippers.


More time

As we are predominantly wedding photographers, we photograph most weddings during the warmer months (and the months leading to the warmer months anyway) During winter our wedding numbers dramatically drop. Organizing portraits during summer sometimes means working around our schedule. Where as in the colder months, you can be assured that we will work around yours. This allows flexibility and allows more time for us to enjoy taking timeless portraits for your family without having to be somewhere else.


So if you’ve ever wondered when the best time to take family photos is, the answer is anytime! Rain may play a role of when, but regardless the season, portraits can always be taken of you and your family. Here are just some we’ve taken during the colder months…

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