Kirra & Matt – Pullman Magenta Shores Wedding

magenta shores wedding

Kirra and Matt celebrated their wedding day at the lovely Pullman Magenta Shores on the Central Coast. From the groom and bride getting ready to the reception we were very lucky to spend the entire day at the Pullman Magenta Shores on the Central Coast. It was an unusually wet Summers day at the Pullman Magenta Shores on the Central Coast but that did not in any way dampen the mood or spirit of the bridal party and walking into see our beautiful bride Kirra was all the sunshine we needed with her very sweet, happy and bubbly attitude. We waited for the rain to settle a little before a very emotional ceremony at the Pullman Magenta Shores on the Central Coast before heading out to the golf course that we had all to ourselves with a spectacular ocean view. It wasn’t long until we were ready to head back to the resort at the Pullman Magenta Shores on the Central Coast to celebrate the newly weds, Kirra and Matt with great food, company and dancing! Congratulations Kirra and Matt!!

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Central Coast Wedding of Tash and Mateusz at Noonaweena central coast

noonaweena wedding photography

Tash and Mateusz celebrated their beautiful wedding at Noonaweena on the Central Coast. It was a relaxed and intimate occasion where Tash and Mateusz exchanged vows infront of their closest loved ones. With both the ceremony and reception set outdoors, it was a gorgeous sunny day with spectacular views! Enjoy your year long honeymoon jetsetting the globe :) (so jealous!! x)

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