Alison and Laurence – Jones Bay Wharf Sydney Engagement Shoot



We met up with Alison and Laurence on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon down at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney. Being from the Central Coast, NSW we were expecting Sydney crowds at this location, Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney, that boasts stunning views of the essay writers famous Sydney Harbour. But much to our delight we pretty much had Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney all to ourselves apart from a few other couples enjoying the sunshine and each others company at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney.

We started by taking a few shots of the lovely couple with Laurence’s motorbike that he modestly admitted to building himself (!) and then just enjoyed the gorgeous golden light and beautiful views that Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney has to offer. Looking forward to shooting down at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney again but mostly essay writer looking forward to shooting Alison and Laurence’s Sydney wedding next year!

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Bridal Preparation – Sydney Wedding

sydney wedding

Bridal preparations are always fun for us. Each one is different and quite unique in it’s own special way. We’ve had rowdy fun bunches, stressed and nervous ones, relaxed and ‘enjoying the quiet before the party ones’, the emotional parent ones, the children running around naked ones, the ‘omg I have a stain on my dress ones’ and more!

For many of our couples, this is the first time we actually meet the bride (and/or groom), which is another reason why we love being apart of the bridal party preparations. It gives us a moment to meet our excited and nervous brides before the day’s celebrations begin.

A word of advice for our lovely brides to be from Jaypee who has shot thousands of weddings: make sure you leave at least 30-40 minutes from time of hair and makeup completion to when you leave for the ceremony, be yourself, don’t sweat the small things and be mindful of the moment because your day will come and go very quickly!

Here are a few shots taken from Roselle’s wedding preparation in Sydney. A very relaxed yet happy vibe at this one, with day following suit all the way to reception.

sydney wedding sydney wedding2

Abbey and Nathan – Merewether Surfhouse Newcastle, NSW Wedding


Abbey and Nathan celebrated their wedding day on a gorgeous Summer’s day at Mereweather, Newcastle NSW. This perfectly warm day started at the Crown Plaza Newcastle, Merewether Newcastle NSW where both the girls and boys were getting ready for the day. We floated between both parties at the Crown Plaza Newcastle, Merewether Newcastle NSW who were excited yet relaxed for the ceremony and celebrations ahead at Merewether Newcastle NSW.

With a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in the gardens of Crown Plaza Newcastle, Merewether Newcastle NSW nestled behind the hotel, Abbey and Nathan exchanged vows in front of their loved ones before heading out to Hickson Street Lookout, Merewether Newcastle NSW and Merewether Beach, Merewether Newcastle NSW for some fun during the bridal party shoot.
Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun and so it wasn’t long before we headed up to the Merewether Surfhouse Merewether Newcastle NSW for dinner and drinks and to continue the celebrations into the night at Merewether Newcastle NSW. We did get a chance to sneak of the Merewether Surfhouse, Merewether Newcastle NSW out for some night shots though!

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