Kangy Gardens Wedding – Hannah & Sam

kangy angy wedding1

We were very excited to be shooting at Kangy Gardens, Central Coast for Hannah and Sam’s wedding as it was our first time shooting at this stunning location. Perfectly set up for a wedding, Kangy Gardens offers lush gardens, rustic styling, an undercover ceremony venue, gorgeous reception marquee and so many little hidden gems for guests and the bridal party to enjoy champagne and to take beautiful photography as well, of course! We usually start our day with the boys, however we started with the girls first at Kangy Gardens, Central Coast NSW getting ready for the celebrations that await before heading over to Kangy Gardens, Central Coast NSW to catch up with the boys shortly before the ceremony was to commence at Kangy Gardens, Central Coast NSW. A lovely ceremony surrounded by close friends and family was enjoyed by all before guests enjoyed canapés and champagne in the gardens whilst we head off for some bridal party photos. Such a gorgeous location meant we did not have to venture offsite for the shoot and spent the sunny afternoon at Kangy Gardens, before kicking off the party in the beautiful wedding marquee. Guests partied the night away to the live band and were also treated to a song by the bride herself!

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Central Coast Wedding – Reshoot of Penny and Adam


Penny and Adam got married back in June at Port Stephens however it was raining torrentially and unfortunately we didn’t manage to go outside to get any bridal party photos. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful occasion shared between close family and friends. Luckily, Penny and Adam are local Central Coast NSW peeps and don’t live to far from us so we decided to give them a little reshoot on the gorgeous Central Coast NSW. This shoot was close to be postponed as well as it was a suuuuuper windy day and there was a sand storm on the Central Coast NSW that day however we decided to go ahead as it was still an amazing cloudless afternoon on the Central Coast, NSW and used the wind to our advantage with that gorgeous flowy dress and wind swept hair!


Glenworth Valley Wedding – Wedding of Renee & Todd

Glenworth valley wedding_001

It was our first time shooting at Glenworth Valley Central Coast NSW and we have wanted to shoot there since first moving to the Central Coast NSW. So we were very pleased when Renee and Todd booked us in to shoot their wedding at Glenworth Valley Central Coast NSW. We started off with the boys who were enjoying a few beers when we arrived before suiting up and playing a round of lawn bowls and darts on the Central Coast NSW. Not long after we headed over to Renee’s house on the Central Coast NSW not too far from Glenworth Valley Central Coast NSW. The girls were enjoying a few glasses of champagne and orange juice and getting ready before hopping into the Hummer and heading over to Glenworth Valley Central Coast NSW for the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful amongst the lush bush and greenery and we were enchanted by the beautiful horses crossing the river, which made for a very theatrical backdrop during the bridal party shoot at Glenworth Valley Central Coast NSW.

As the afternoon turned to evening, we set off back to Gosford and enjoyed the night of celebrations at the Gosford Entertainment Grounds on the Central Coast NSW.

Thanks for choosing us Renee and Todd!

Keep an eye out on our blog as we have some more Glenworth Valley Central Coast NSW weddings coming up in 2019! Eek!

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Central Coast NSW – Wedding of Leah & Dan


We first met Leah and Dan when Leah was a bridesmaid at her best friend, Sophie’s, wedding. So we were stoked to be shooting this crew again and right in our own neck of the woods on the Central Coast NSW. We spent the day at Central Coast and pretty much stayed there the whole day apart from a quick little detour up the hill at Boudii National Park with the newly weds after the ceremony. It was a very casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere with their closest family and friends by their side. Thanks again for having us guys, hopefully see you at another wedding if we don’t bump into you at the local coffee shop!

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Enzo Hunter Valley – Wedding of Kaycee & Jay


Congratulations Kaycee and Jay on your gorgeous wedding at Enzo, Hunter Valley.  Such a fun filled day with this crazy bunch was just one big celebration. We first met Kaycee & Jay well before their special day, when we did an engagement shoot for them at the stunning Boudii National Park, Central Coast so it was super cool finally seeing them again at Enzo Hunter Valley on their big day. We started the day catching up with the boys, who were quite relaxed enjoying a drink or two before suiting up and getting ready for the celebrations ahead. The girls were also enjoying the morning getting ready and enjoying a few champagnes before the ceremony was to start at Enzo Hunter Valley. The girls were pretty tough walking barefoot across a lawn of bindis too which was pretty hilarious! (as seen in slide 5) The ceremony at Enzo Hunter Valley was beautiful and lots of tears were shed amongst family and friends before we set foot on the gorgeous site and surrounds of Enzo Hunter Valley for some bridal party images. As the day turned to night, we headed inside Enzo Hunter Valley to enjoy some good food, funny speeches, over flowing glasses, wedding games and dancing! This crew definitely knew how to have fun and party at Enzo Hunter Valley!

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