The Stables of Somersby – Wedding of Kim and Steve

stables of somersby1


First blog for 2019! We have been busting to blog Kim and Steve’s The Stables of Somersby wedding. Our first time shooting here at The Stables of Somersby and omg, what a venue!!
We started off our day at a homely Terrigal Air Bnb sipping scotch whisky and suiting up in bow ties and suspenders shortly before heading over to catch up with the girls at the The Stables of Somersby. The girls were busy getting ready at The Stables of Somersby in the very rustlcly sheik barn accommodation conveniently located upstairs to where the entire day’s celebrations were to be held. After a few champagnes and tears from mum and dad (and the girls) we were ready to head down stairs at The Stables of Somersby to where Steve and the guests eagerly await.
A beautiful ceremony led by Steve and Kim’s good friend at The Stables of Somersby was enjoyed by family and close friends before they head off for canapés, and the bridal party set off by foot for some photos at The Stables of Somersby.
As the afternoon came to an end and the rain, that held off all day, arrived it was time to head inside to start the party at The Stables of Somersby! A night of dancing, over flowing mismatched glasses and Mexican food truck food was enjoyed well into the night. Lots of sore heads to be expected the morning after… but definitely worth it!

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