Central Coast Wedding Photographers – Rachel and Scott, a wedding in the tropics


Coast Wedding Photography was very lucky to photograph the beautiful wedding of Rachel and Scott in Far North Queensland, at a location that can only be described as breathtaking. Central Coast and throughout the Hunter Valley provides perfect locations for weddings however, we are a little bias when it comes to amazing wedding locations, such as venues scattered throughout Tropical North Queensland. Here are just a few of the moments we captured for such beautiful people, surrounded by family members and close friends who flew all the way up from the colder south.

central-coast-wedding-photography_001 central-coast-wedding-photography_002 central-coast-wedding-photography_003 central-coast-wedding-photography_004 central-coast-wedding-photography_005 central-coast-wedding-photography_006 central-coast-wedding-photography_007 central-coast-wedding-photography_008 central-coast-wedding-photography_009 central-coast-wedding-photography_010 central-coast-wedding-photography_011 central-coast-wedding-photography_012 central-coast-wedding-photography_013 central-coast-wedding-photography_014 central-coast-wedding-photography_015 central-coast-wedding-photography_016 central-coast-wedding-photography_017 central-coast-wedding-photography_018 central-coast-wedding-photography_019 central-coast-wedding-photography_020

Coast Wedding Photography has been privileged enough to photograph amazing weddings around Australia and Internationally. If you are getting married around the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley of NSW, we would love to hear from you.  Coast Wedding Photography specialising in weddings throughout the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley regions of New South Whales.

Portrait photography Central Coast – An afternoon with one chilled family

They say the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing, couldn’t agree more! An afternoon well spent with the Alzona’s…

For those interested in booking our service for family portraits around the central coast please give us a call or email us direct.

What to Expect when booking a portrait session with Coast

Coast photography is committed to delivering images that are contemporary, casual and candid. We create a fun and relaxed photo session as we capture your special moments shared with your family, with no forced poses or fake smiles. We believe the best way to take heartfelt and creative images is to combine our creative style and your personal character to create truly unique images, personalised and timeless photographs made to preserve your precious memories for years to come.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so before we start, we will spend some time ensuring that you are well relaxed before your portrait session.  One way we help you to feel comfy is by giving you the choice as to where you would like your session to take place, whether it’s in your own home, a local garden or even a beach or park. We can also recommend some of our favourite locations to suit your occasion.

Your portrait session will take approximately one hour and your photographer will take around 40 to 80 images to ensure you have plenty to choose from.

To make it easy to book a session with us, we are available seven days a week and work within your schedule. We will then send you an information package that helps to answer any questions you may have before your session and to prepare you for your family portrait shoot.

Call us direct on 04131 644 856 or email info(at)coastweddingphotography.com.au

central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_001 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_002 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_003 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_004 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_005 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_006 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_007 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_008 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_009 central-coast-wedding-and-portrait-photography_010

Tuscany Wine Estate Polkolbin Wedding: A Hunter Valley Wedding of Catherine and Petar

We had the privilege to photograph the beautiful wedding of a very old friend of mine at the Tuscany Wine Estate Polkolbin, Hunter Valley. The hunter Valley was the perfect location for these two love birds providing the perfect backdrop for their wedding day, and although it was partly cloudy with a bit of rain throughout the Hunter Valley, that never deterred them to enjoy their wedding day at the Tuscany Wine Estate Polkolbin, Hunter Valley. Luckily for us their whole day was inside of the Tuscany Wine Estate Polkolbin, Hunter Valley and we had no issues travelling around, only focusing on what mattered; capturing their special wedding day. Here are a few photos we got for them at their wedding at the Tuscany Wine Estate Polkolbin, in the Hunter Valley.


hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_001 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_002 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_003hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_004 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_005 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_006 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_007 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_008hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_009 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_010 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_011 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_012hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_013 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_014 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_015 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_016 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_017hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_018 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_019 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_020 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_021 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_022 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_023 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_024 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_025 hunter-valley-wedding-tuscany-wine-estate-polkolbin_026